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I went from feeling like I could never do enough, no matter how much I put on my to-do list, to realizing that the only things I needed to check off that list were the things that actually mattered to me. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I became a certified life coach in 2021 and now spend my days coaching women (and men) on how to “reframe what matters so they can live a life that truly matters.”

I am the creator of the Reframing What Matters Framework and the Timeless To-Do List, both of which are products of my deep desire to serve others and make a difference, which, not surprisingly, are integral items on my own Timeless To-Do List.


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“Mom, this is going to be the best summer ever.” 

Spoken with the glee of a child who had nothing more on his “to-do list” but to have the best summer ever.

It was June, 2011. I was free as a bird.  My son was 13 and my daughter was 11.  My children were beaming. We were “picking rock” on the four-wheeler. They had their mom for the whole summer due to a corporate restructuring that had “eliminated” my role.

To be honest, there was a part of me that felt I had been eliminated. But I was determined to give my kids the best summer ever. 

It truly was a wonderful summer, but looking back, my children only got 95% of me. The other five percent was missing. Back then, I couldn’t have articulated what that was. I probably didn’t even notice since I was so good at covering up my own needs. 

Now, I can see part of me was struggling with the belief, “If I’m not making money, I’m not as valuable.” 

Here I was, spending all of my time with two children who needed and wanted me, and I was questioning my value. 

What on God’s green earth was I thinking?



Reframing What Matters

Step 1: Assess Your To-Do Lists
Step 2: Create Your To-BE List
Step 3: Write a Responsible To-Do List
Step 4: Create a Timeless To-Do List

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